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Client: Privat Client

Unplugged – Cabin in the woods

How often do we hear words like “think big”, “be great”, “be number one” or other “inspirational” quotes? But how often do we realize, while experimenting “big” and “great”, what a majestic piece of art you already are? We definitely need to clear our thoughts, to run from the crazy everyday life, to jump from this wild and artificial world, into the real one. To feel, to breathe and to hug nature.

This project is an experiment. To create a minimalistic object into the woods, completely off-grid, with local materials and local manufacturers. Burning wood to protect it from the weather, microorganisms and fire, using a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban. Crossing a river each time when bringing materials because there is no other way to reach this destination. Bears are gently walking through the glade in a continuous journey – I found quite difficult leaving the site by night.

The shape is simple, inspired by the old barracks used by woodcutters. I often used to see them in my hikes as a child. And it was built suspended for many reasons. A spyglass towards the Magura Peak; a beautiful picture frame when sitting in front of the Godin, burning woods, keeping warm in the cold days. The other reason is to be transparent when sitting underneath and to see nature on 360 degrees. A place for gathering with an outdoor fireplace, built in the same manner as the traditional hunters. I don’t like hunting but I love the idea of digging a circular ditch, to put your feet into the ground and burn woods on the rocks.

t’s not ready yet; it just has its shape and brings a lot of fun for the visitors. For BEE ARCHITECTS, it was and still is a good opportunity in how to deliver a project from concept to completion, in wicked conditions, thousands of miles away, in the Carpathians Mountains, Romania, near the border between Transylvania and Moldavia. How to build on a low budget and try to keep it low, find local wood and materials. But the most difficult thing was and still is, to find people to work with, in a country where everybody left for different reasons.