Passive House Transylvania

The first Passivehaus Plus in Romania built in Transilvania, near Sibiu, is a blend of classic vernacular with a modern underskin, delivering an unique dwelling that shows that efficient does not have to be strictly modern, new, angular.

The challenge was to ensure that the new building looks like it belongs to the landscape whilst making the best use of local materials and traditional architectural elements. Stone, wood, structure, remind the viewer of traditional fort-like houses, where the downstairs or lower part was strong and anchored into the landscape, defending in times of need, whilst the upper side is elegant and rich in detail whilst still functional.

A complex project requires a multidisciplinary team and this one was no different: the architectural vision was nurtured and delivered by engineers and builders who excel in their respective fields of expertise. The result was not only the high expectation of a Passivehaus certification but - as a premiere - the notable achievement of the first Passivehaus Plus certification from DarmstadtPassivhaus Institute.

Architecture: Mizar Proiect - Tudor Rădulescu, Andrej Štefančič, Becze Juliánna

Passive House Planning Package: V&V Projekt - Varga Szabolcs

Structural Engineers: Bilder Ton - Coca Grigorean

HVAC: Termoconsult - Ștefan Grama

Certification: Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt - Dragoş Arnăutu

Blower-Door Test: Kadar Energy - Kádár Ferenc