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Bee Architects is an interdisciplinary practice bringing together high end concepts in architecture with disciplined delivery. We build what we dream together with our clients. We do this by articulating the client's wish list into a functional habitat, not only taking into account how it looks but also how it performs.

Some of our key considerations when creating and visualising a project are sustainability, energy efficiency, ecology and environmental performance, all delivered within a low price perspective. However, for us cost-effective does not mean "cheap". It means that we can deliver the best quality versus price ratio.

We will build you something beautifully affordable that will have the wonderful quality of making you happy for many years to come. Our team of architects, structural engineers, 3D artists will show you how your dream looks and at the end you will see this realised in reality.

The best thing is that we will be with you all the way, helping and assisting hands on from the first discussion until you are the proud owner of a new project.

HAPPy clients & TEstimonials

  • Augustin Ioan

    Arhitectura Magazine, no. 6/2012

    Tudor is already a well-known author of spiritual endowments in Bucharest and its surroundings, a fine connoisseur of those that should be known and a seeker of the unknown, not only as far as religious architecture goes [..]Tudor's philosophy is to make a blessed thing, giving the impression that he actually didn't do much. On contrary, the things that I saw, as explained by the architect, are extraordinary in the Romanian countries. There are not many contemporary Romanian architects who manage to create something so new in terms of presence and uniqueness. With patience and bashfulness, Tudor makes the freshness of his work available for the project as a whole."

  • Pr. Antonio Prestipino

    community of the Carmelite Brothers in Ciofliceni - Snagov County

    We arrived from Italy to Romania in 2000, coming from a monkish family with an old tradition that also refers to the way in which a construction is supposed to look like. Because of the fact that we found ourselves in a country that had valuable, but different traditions we wanted to create a monastery in which the two cultures would embrace and intertwine. This was the bet. I discussed a lot with architect Tudor Radulescu, sharing our vision and wishes with him. The architectural result stands before you and it represents a beautiful synthesis of the two monkish traditions. The occidental visitor finds himself in the monastic structure, which is even more precious because of the way in which the Romanian elements are presented. Moreover, the Romanian one can be easily recognized in the aspect of the structure. The credit for these daring architectural enterprises of for this harmonious synthesis goes to architect Tudor Radulescu, a careful and wise listener, a spiritual model and a motivated person from a professional point of view. The Monastery and the Church do not only speak of God's glory, but also of the glory that characterizes the architect and the people that build them.

  • Adrian Zamfirache

    Henkel Romania

    A few years ago, our company, Henkel Romania, through Ceresit and Thomsit brands, aimed to complete its image as a leader in solutions and systems for construction finishing, by developing an original concept which can make a connection between the technical specificity of the systems provided and their destination as part of the establishment. Our goal was to make the invisible, visible. The path we chose to pursue was to create uniform and flawless showrooms, upgrading the classic concept formerly used. A concept that is 100% original, created and implemented by Henkel Romania. Tudor Radulescu proved to be a person who was capable of transposing technical matters in a concept in which architectural elements intertwine perfectly with the engineering framework which characterizes our company. Tudor Radulescu met our demands perfectly and, alongside us, succeeded to create and execute a thorough project from every point of view. We appreciate his involvement and inspiration and we can say that his devotement and talent recommend him as a good professional and a worthy architect.

  • Marko Ivan Rupnik

    Director of Centro Aletti, Rome, Consultant for the Pontifical Coucil for New Evangelisation, Doctor Honoris Causa from the University Francisco de Vitoria of Madrid and in 2014 from the Faculty of Theology of Lugano.

    Referring to the Snagov Monastery Complex" Is the most successful, in terms of architectural and theological, of modern religious buildings in Europe"