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Client: ignitionthemes Date: 12.12.2014 Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator Preview:

Nature Inside

Today's offices are filled with high-ends, top technologies, artificial materials but are emptied of natural and living parts; in fact now, very often it's missed the nature inside. What we did here in this concept was to bring nature in the very heart of the office, to grow real grass in different circular pots. Why circular? Rounded shapes are related with life. Why grass? Because of its symbol (e.g. "the grass is greener on the other side"), fresh colour and very easy to maintain.

If every day we are living deep immersed in our problems, if every day we are able to see only artefacts, we really miss LIFE. What we were intended to do? Exactly, bringing the life in, give the possibility to be involved in gardening during the day means healing the brain and spirit.

Taking in consideration that most than half of our wakeful life we are spending at work, becomes so obvious how important is to have a better life at the office.