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Client: ignitionthemes Date: 12.12.2014 Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator Preview:

32 Oddesey Road, London WD6

32 Oddesey Road is an is a modern and uncompromising work of contemporary architecture on a site that posed various challenges. The unique character of the site itself presents unique challenges in both architectural style as well as in its required materiality, necessitating a design which satisfies both criteria and blends into the local landscape.

The house uses simple, locally sourced materials that reflect the local, vernacular architecture. It speaks the same language and it does so in a statement that blends in, it creates a building that performs a lot more but makes less of a negative impact.

The structure of the house is brickwork complemented by steel elements where necessary, with large glass openings drawing the light in. The basement level benefits from a generous courtyard, where privacy meets usable space.

The living roof is one of the key features and it brings multiple key advantages: biodiversity and habitat, fantastic insulation and energy efficiency, good water usage and decreased runoff and a positive visual impact.

In terms of ecology, the house harvests the rainwater that falls on the land and would turn into runoff. The house cleverly uses soakaway crates to store water and recycle it to irigate the living roof, thus completing the cycle. The building is all wired for low energy from the start, with LED lighting and low voltage devices and appliances throughout.